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Togean Island, Sulawesi, Indonesia

 Togean Islands 

The Togean Islands is located in Tomini Bay area and is located in Tojo Una-una district, within the administrative area of Central Sulawesi province. In this archipelago there is also a national park called Togean Islands National Park. This National Park has land area and sea 362.605 hectare. The Togean Islands consists of 56 islands and islet, and six of them are Togean Island, Batudaka Island (the largest), Una Island, Waleabahi Island, Talatakoh Island and Waleakodi Island.

Togean Islands National Park
National Park Togean Islands
As a national park area, the Togean Islands store a very beautiful natural wealth. There are hundreds of species of coral reefs. Molluscs, fish and some rare and endemic species, such as the animal named Tangkasi (Tarsius Spectrum), which is small in size and mice and animals only exist in Sulawesi.
The Togean Islands have advantages not shared elsewhere. There are at least three advantages possessed Togean Islands that have three different coral environments namely Karang Atoll, Coral Barrier and Coral Beach. This advantage makes Togean Islands the only place in Indonesia that has three different coral environments.
Some islands in the Togean Islands are a tourist destination.
Kadidiri Island
Kadidiri Island, Togean - Indonesia
Kadidiri Island view
It is one of the islands in the Togean Islands that became a favorite tourist destination. If you like the quiet atmosphere and the calmness of the natural life on the island in the middle of the sea, then Kadidiri Island is the right place. On this island there is only one cottage named Kadidiri Paradise, there is no such thing as a mini market, no cafe and restaurant, no mobile phone signals and no television broadcast receiver signal. Electricity on this island also comes only from a generator that is turned on only at night until early morning. Fresh water supplies are also very limited.
But it is nothing compared to the beauty of this island, where we can see the very clear sea water so that the corals in the sea can be seen directly by the eye. Here we can also do snorkeling and diving activities.
Batudaka Island 
 Batudaka Island, Togean, Indonesia 
Batudaka Island
Located not far from the island of Togean, Batudaka means big stone. On the beach of this island there is a big rock.
As the largest island in the Togean archipelago, the island has settlements in 19 villages. The majority of the population on the island of Batudaka is the Bajo tribe known as the tribe of human boats (called boat humans because their residence is above the sea). On this island there are already several cottages for lodging.
The Bajo tribe
 Houses of the Bajo tribe
How to get to Togean Islands?
In Togean Islands there is no airport, so if you use air transportation then you can only land in the city of Palu or the city of Luwuk. From the city of Palu, the journey is continued by land transportation to Ampana with travel time approximately 10 hours. If from town Luwuk to Ampana only takes about four hours by land transportation.
From Ampana, the journey continues by using a boat for four hours to Wakai island and proceed to Togean island for one hour.
In addition to the city of Palu or Luwuk, travel to the Togean Islands can also be reached by sea transport through the port in the city of Gorontalo directly to Wakai island with a long journey of about 12 hours.