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Mentawai Surf, IndonesiaWaves of the sea in Mentawai

The Mentawai Islands is a district in West Sumatra Province located in the Indian Ocean with an area of approximately 6,011 square kilometers. There are four main islands (from the Mentawai Islands group of 70 islands) inhabited the island of Siberut as the largest / largest island, Sipora Island, North Pagai Island and South Pagai Island. The Mentawai Islands are located approximately 150 kilometers from the city of Padang, the capital of West Sumatra Province.

The capital of Mentawai Islands Regency is Tuapejat located in Sipora Island. Sipora Island is an island whose position is in the middle between Siberut Island, South Pagai Island and North Pagai Island. The natives who inhabit the Mentawai Islands are known as the Mentawai tribe.

On Siberut Island there is a National Park named Siberut National Park set by UNESCO as one of the World Biosphere reserves. In Siberut National Park there are approximately 18 rare animals and there are four endemic animals that will not be found elsewhere such as Kloss Siamang, Langur, Macaca, and Bilou. There are also 130 species of birds and 4 of them are endemic birds. Recorded at least 846 species of flora with 390 genus and 131 families of tree species, shrubs, herbs, and ephypit. Because of the richness of flora and fauna and is endemic to this island of Siberut many dubs the island of Siberut as "Galapagos Asia".

As an archipelago, Mentawai certainly has much marine tourism and Mentawai has been known in the world as one of the paradises of surfers. There are approximately 400 spots for surfing and as many as 23 spots are international surf spots located in Sipura Island, North Pagai Island and South Pagai Island. Not surprisingly, in Mentawai has been available at least there are 20 more resorts with various facilities.

Mentawai wave, Indonesia

Best surfing place - Mentawai

Mentawai name more known when the news spread that one of the casts of the film Fast Furious, the late Paul Walker had visited Mentawai for surfing which is one of his passion. Paul Walker before death also never ordered that the Coral Reefs in Mentawai not destroyed. The message was delivered during an interview with Men's Health magazine. Paul Walker also mentioned that the Coral Reef located in Mentawai is one of the most beautiful in the world.


Mentawai In Your Touch

Currently being developed the concept of "Mentawai Smart Service" by the local government that carries the theme "Mentawai In Your Touch". The concept originated from a proposal and insistence of foreign tourists who mostly come to the Mentawai to surf. "Mentawai in Your Touch" will facilitate the tourists in terms of payments such as ticket retribution into various places or surfing spot. "Mentawai in Your Touch" is the digitization of services from a Payment Gateway payment-based way to Guide in digital form.


Culture Tour

In addition to marine tourism such as surfing, in Mentawai, we can also do cultural tours by exploring inland see the daily life and traditions of the community of the original Mentawai tribe. According to some scientists, Mentawai culture known as Sabulungan culture is one of the oldest cultures in Indonesia. Tattoo art on the Mentawai tribe is one of the oldest tattoos in the world.

Mentawai tribe, Indonesia

Mentawai tribe

Access to The Mentawai Islands 

Can be reached by sea transportation from Bungus Bay Harbor in Padang Pariaman or through Muara Crossing Port. Ordinary ships that go to the Mentawai Islands will stop at three ports on the island of Siberut, namely the port of Madobag, the port of Saliguma and the port of Maileppet before arriving at the last port on Siberut Island
Namely the port of Pokai Sikabaluan. Travel time by a regular vessel is about 12 hours drive. Travel time when using a fast boat from the port of Muara about three to four hours until the island of Sipora in good weather conditions.
Air transportation can be reached by Minangkabau International Airport in Padang City to Rokot Airport on Sipora Island. Rokot Airport is the only Airport in the Mentawai Islands and the Airport can only be visited by small-bodied aircraft or pioneer aircraft. Currently, Rokot Airport is in the development stage to be visited by large-bodied aircraft and is planned to operate in 2019.


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