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 Bangka Belitung - Come and Explore
 Bangka Belitung - Come and Explore
Bangka-Belitung Islands is known by the abbreviation "BaBel" is a province on the East Coast of Sumatra which was formerly a part of South Sumatra Province. The province of Babylon consists of several islands, but the two largest are Bangka Island as the largest island and the second is Belitung Island. Pangkal Pinang is the largest city as well as the capital of the province of Babel located on the island of Bangka. The second largest city of Tanjung Pandan City is located on Belitung Island.
Most of the people or residents of Bangka Belitung are people of Chinese descent. Historically, during the Dutch occupation precisely in 1850, the Dutch colonial government brought people from Hakka tribe in Kwangtung province (a province in China) to Bangka and Belitung to be employed in tin mines.
In addition to having a trace of history is that on the island of Bangka, Mr. Plokamator Ir Soekarno once exiled in this place by the Dutch colonial government in 1948-1949, Bangka Belitung also increasingly popular along with the emergence of Laskar Pelangi Film background story and the location of the shooting that displays the beauty Nature, among others, in the form of beaches in Bangka Belitung most of the beach there are large granite stones.
Tanjung Tinggi Beach
Tanjung Tinggi Beach
Tourist Spots in Bangka Belitung
  • Tanjung Tinggi Beach, with large boulders on the beach and clear water
  • Tanjung Pendam Beach.
  • Beach and Lengkuas (Galangal) Island. On the island of Lengkuas, there is a building in the form of lighthouse colonial Dutch heritage built in about 1882.
  • Lake Kaolin
  • Tanjung Kelayang Beach
  • Parai Tenggiri Beach
  • Bukit Perahu Beach
  • Pulau Burung (Bird Island)
  • Penyabong Beach
  • Penyusuk Beach
  • Leebong Island
  • Museum of Tin
  • Conservation of  Sea Turtle (called "Tukik")
  • Some monasteries (called "Vihara") and Pagoda (called "Klenteng")
To reach the tourist destination of Bangka Belitung is very easy, because in both the main island of Bangka Island and Belitung Island already contained Airport or Airport Airport. On the island of Bangka, there is Airport Depati Amir Airport in Pangkal Pinang, Belitung Island is H.A.S. Airport. Hanandjoeddin in Tanjung Pandan.
From Pangkal Pinang to Tanjung Pandan can be reached by sea using a fast boat through Pangkalanbalam Port in Pangkal Pinang.


In Bangka Belitung, there are many places to stay. There are many choices of lodging, from ordinary lodging to four-star hotels. For lodging, make sure you have booked or reservation lodging before you visit during the holiday season. Car and boat rentals are also widely available in Bangka Belitung.

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