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Karimunjawa National Park

Karimunjawa National Park
Karimunjawa is a group of islands consisting of 27 islands, located at the northern tip of Java Island precisely located in the district of Jepara, Central Java Indonesia. It has a land area of approximately 1,500 hectares and an area of approximately 110,000 hectares of water. Karimunjawa established by the government of the Republic of Indonesia since March 15, 2001, as a National Park.
Karimunjawa National Park with its coral reef is home to approximately 400 species of marine animals. A total of 242 of them are ornamental fish species. In addition to marine animals, Karimunjawa is also a place and habitat for other rare animals such as Sea Hawk White Chest, Hawksbill Turtle, and Green Turtle. The type of plant called "Dewadaru" is a plant that is characteristic of this National Park.
Of the 27 islands, only 5 inhabited islands are Karimunjawa Island is the largest, Kemujan Island, Mosquito Island, Parang Island and Genting Island. The rest are uninhabited islands. Apart from the Javanese, the population of the five islands are from the Bugis and Madurese.

Spot Tours

Aside from being a conservation area and a National Park, Karimunjawa is also an object of Sea Tourism destination where we can diving and snorkeling to enjoy the natural beauty under the sea with its natural coral reef and still awake considering Karimunjawa as National Park area. The beaches at Karimunjawa offer beautiful scenery such as Nirwana Beach, Legon Lele Beach, Love Beach, Ujung Gelam Beach. Natural beauty makes Karimunjawa get various nicknames like Vacation Island, "The Paradise of Java", "Caribbean Van Java". 

Small Menjangan Island 
The beach on the island is not too deep with a turquoise type of turquoise water and clusters of beautiful coral reefs with a variety of ornamental fish that live in it make this island the most favorite place for tourists who like snorkeling and diving. This place is called "Spot MAER".
Tanjung Gelam Beach 

Ujung Gelam Beach, Karimunjawa

Ujung Gelam Beach - Karimunjawa Islands

Big Menjangan Island
On this island, there is a shark breeding place that has lasted for approximately 30 years with a type of white fin shark and black fin shark. Here you can swim and play in a pond containing sharks. Of course, must be accompanied by experts and guards. 
How to get to Karimunjawa?
You can go to Karimunjawa only by sea and air. Sealine can be reached by boat with travel time approximately 6 hours through Kartini Beach Harbor, Jepara. While through the air can be reached through Ahmad Yani Airport, Semarang to Dewadaru Airport on Kemujan Island with travel time is only 30 minutes. Lodging in the form of hotel and homestay, already available in Karimunjawa Island from guest house class to class hotel.