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Borobudur Temple, Indonesia

Borobudur Temple

Who does not know the Borobudur Temple? Sightseeing history of this one is a tourist attraction that has been very famous to foreign countries. Borobudur temple which was built in 800 AD is the largest temple or temple as well as the largest Buddhist monument in the world and included in World Heritage Site. Apart from being a tourist attraction, Borobudur Temple is still used as a place of worship and pilgrimage for Buddhists. Usually every turn of the year Buddhist event that is Waisak (around in May), Borobudur Temple becomes the center or venue for the celebration of Waisak takes place.

The location of Borobudur Temple is on a hill surrounded by two twin mountains namely Sundoro-Sumbing and Merapi-Merbabu. Precisely located in Borobudur Village, Borobudur District, Magelang Regency, Central Java Province. Although located in Magelang, but for tourists who visit or vacation to Yogyakarta, will stop by to visit Borobudur Temple which is about 40 km from Yogyakarta.

The village of Borobudur consists of several sub-villages around, such as Maitan, Ngaran, Bumisegoro. While other villages in the vicinity are Candirejo Village, Bigaran Village, Giripurno Village, Giritengah Village, Karangrejo Village and several other villages that have become hamlets or tourist villages.

For those of you who will visit Borobudur Temple, you will lose if you do not stop by the village or village tour around Borobudur. Why? Because in the hamlet or village tour, we can cycling sauce enjoy the other side of Borobudur scenery or we can enjoy culinary cuisine that is still processed in the traditional way or we can enjoy coffee at Coffee shop in the houses of the residents. In the hamlet and village tours are also already available Homestay if you want to linger to enjoy the holidays.

Berburu Borobudur Sunrise and Sunset

Borobudur Sunrise, Puthuk Setumbu, Indonesia

Sunrise at Puthuk Setumbu 

Enjoy sunrise and sunset Borobudur besides done at the top of the temple, in the hamlet and tourist village around Borobudur, there are many interesting spots to watch the Borobudur Sunrise and Sunset from a distance. From Bukit Bakal located in Dusun Maitan (Maitan hamlet), for example, we can see the other side of Borobudur Sunrise or from a spot in Ngadiwinatan Village which presents Borobudur Sunrise scenery with rice fields. Or you want a more beautiful spot? You can go to a place called "Puthuk Setumbu" which is about 5 km from Borobudur Temple. From Puthuk  Setumbu you can enjoy the caress of morning sunshine and fog expanse covering Borobudur Temple.

To enjoy Borobudur Sunrise in Punthuk Setumbu, you must come before 04 am Borobudur Sunrise in Punthuk Setumbu. If not, you will not have a place to enjoy and capture the moment of sunrise here because not only you alone but already many others waiting to enjoy the sunrise and also a limited place.