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Togean Island, Sulawesi, Indonesia

 Togean Islands 

The Togean Islands is located in Tomini Bay area and is located in Tojo Una-una district, within the administrative area of Central Sulawesi province. In this archipelago there is also a national park called Togean Islands National Park. This National Park has land area and sea 362.605 hectare. The Togean Islands consists of 56 islands and islet, and six of them are Togean Island, Batudaka Island (the largest), Una Island, Waleabahi Island, Talatakoh Island and Waleakodi Island.

Mentawai Surf, IndonesiaWaves of the sea in Mentawai

The Mentawai Islands is a district in West Sumatra Province located in the Indian Ocean with an area of approximately 6,011 square kilometers. There are four main islands (from the Mentawai Islands group of 70 islands) inhabited the island of Siberut as the largest / largest island, Sipora Island, North Pagai Island and South Pagai Island. The Mentawai Islands are located approximately 150 kilometers from the city of Padang, the capital of West Sumatra Province.

The capital of Mentawai Islands Regency is Tuapejat located in Sipora Island. Sipora Island is an island whose position is in the middle between Siberut Island, South Pagai Island and North Pagai Island. The natives who inhabit the Mentawai Islands are known as the Mentawai tribe.

Gili Labak, Madura

Gili Labak, Madura

Madura Island is located in the east of Java island with an area of approximately 5.168 kilometers. Madura Island is included in the territory of East Java Province. Madura Island has been connected with Java Island with a sea bridge called "Suramadu" which stands for Surabaya-Madura. Madura is known for a cow racing game called "Karapan Sapi".